Our Story

What We Believe In

We believe in bringing back the art of air travel: in the lounge and the jet—from takeoff to touchdown. We value curation over copious options, authenticity over influence, and ease over extravagance. We connect you to places you love with a reimagined first-class flight experience you will remember. We pride ourselves on being dedicated hosts and believe your journey should start before you board.

Our Mission

To us, flying is much more than a means to an end. It’s integral to exploring undiscovered destinations—going from place to place without wasting precious time. Yet flying first-class on commercial airplanes comes with wading through crowded airports, and chartering a private jet means a tedious booking process and lack of transparency.

We are on the path to disrupt air travel as we know it and create a new way to fly. We offer first-class travel on shared jets. Unlike other air options, we are more than just travel: we are an experience company. We bring the best of both worlds together – the rich opportunity to see the world around us and the seamless experience that private air travel can provide.

So with that, we decided to create a new category of first-class air travel, thoughtfully designed and curated for discerning travelers.

Welcome to Aero – we hope you enjoy the ride.