Taxes and Fees

At Aero we are committed to fee transparency.  That is why we charge one single fee -- inclusive of all required taxes, airport, and other fees -- with no *surprises* at check out, check in, or on board.  Note that the fees and taxes applicable to your fee depend on where and when you are travelling. To help you understand your fee, we have created the below table, organized by destination. All amounts are estimates, and are also subject to change (but your fee will never change even in the event these amounts increase prior to your flight).

Baggage Fee

Every guest is welcome to bring up to three checked bags, weighing 30kg each, at no additional cost, plus one small carry-on bag. Your carry-on bag must fit snug under the seat in front of you, measuring no more than 33 x 33 x 25cm.

Should you want to bring additional baggage, we will add €300 apiece, which you can prepay with our concierge or in the lounge before you board. Please note, while we are able to accommodate oversized or odd-sized luggage, we cannot load anything that exceeds 30kg onto our jets.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss, please contact us at


Airport development fee


Passenger security charge


Passenger reduced mobility fee


Airport Landing Fee


London - Farnborough


UK Air Passenger Duty


UK Border Force Services Fee


Security Screening fee



French Noise Tax


French Civil Aviation Tax


French Solidarity and Eco Tax


French Airport Tax


Passenger Service Charge


Airport fee


Airport Landing Fee



Meteorological services


Airport Security


Landing fee


Noise classification surcharge


Use of PRM assistance


Air Trafic Service fee


Air Security Rate


Passenger service charge




Landing and take off fees


Departing pax fee

€12.03 *dept pax

Luggage security


Service control


Other fees